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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy. Empty Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

Post  Mirtas on Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:39 pm

Saturday night after our problems with trying 2 drakes, i decided to go into some indepth research on strategies for the drakes and i found two good sources i will post em here...

For a guide with 1 or more drakes alive
(intended so that everyone else doesn't have to first experience the fight AND read through all these previous posts, as i did)

This is from Rohonaken @ WoWHead

Leaving all the drakes up will cause them to periodically enter the fight. They each have their same unique abilities as they would if encountered before engaging sartharion in addition to each placing a unique negative aura on the raid.
1. Tenebron lands at almost the exact same time as the first flame wave at or around 20 seconds after engaging.
2. Shadron lands somewhere around 50 seconds after engaging sartharion.
3. Vesperon lands 80-90 seconds into the fight.
Please note that these times are approximations based on experience.

Sartharion and his abilities (the links are his Heroic versions):
Summons Lava Blazes. These mobs are small fire elementals, have 65k HP and will be affected by an enrage effect if they are touched by a Flame Tsunami. The enrage affect increases size, damage, and health dramatically. The raid needs to use good judgment to determine when these should be aoe'd down. EDIT: the spawning of these is on account of the raid taking any fire damage except from sartharion's breath (lava, flame tsunami, lava spouts)

Will of Sartharion: As the tooltip suggests, this is caused by the presence of any twilight drake when sartharion is engaged. Killing the twilight drake(s) once engaged will not remove it.

Cleave: Most raid members could take a cleave and live, but never should. Part of the challenge of this encounter with drakes up is keeping unnecessary damage down to a minimum.

Tail Lash: Once again, raid members can live through this damage, however with drakes up it is imperative that this damage is never taken.

Flame Breath: With Shadron alive (Power of Shadron), this will hit your main tank EXTREMELY hard. It doesn't appear to reset Sartharion's swing timer and is the main source of the burst damage the main tank will receive throughout the fight.
Another ability which wowhead does not list is his Flame Wave. After looking at a WWS report, it appears to be known officially as Flame Tsunami.
Since Wowhead has minimal information on it regarding details, i'll quote the WWS tooltip:

Flame Tsunami
Inflicts fire damage to nearby enemies, drenching them with lava, slowing them and dealing additional fire damage over 10 seconds.
This ability should be understood fairly quickly. It occurs periodically, every 20-25 seconds throughout the entire fight. The raid is fore-warned by an emote saying something to the effect of "the lava around sartharion begins to stir". Waves will form on either the north side of his platform, or the south, with intermittent breaks in which the raid needs to place themselves to avoid the damage. It is nearly deadly as it is and multiple raid members being hit by it is a huge amount of damage to heal through. With Shadron's aura it will more than likely be completely fatal. The initial hit may be fully resistable but it's pretty important that you never find out. The DoT effect it leaves can be cloaked, dispersed, bubbled, iceblocked, etc and should be to save your healers and yourself.
Another effect not mentioned is the random fire damage done to the raid (that i refer to as "lava spouts"). I have very little information regarding it, however it's clearly visible, and even occurs before the encounter starts. Small bursts of fire will spout out of the surrounding magma and hit random raid members for a few thousand damage, and it is clearly amplified by Power of Shadron. Its damage may also be affected by proximity, meaning the closer one is to where the fire lands the more damage it will deal. however this is just speculation.

Shared abilities of every twilight drake:
Each twilight drake has some unique abilities as well as some that are shared with each drake.
Every drake has 2.2 million HP on heroic, and will be affected by Will of Sartharion which brings them to approximately 2.7 million HP each.
The following are their shared abilities:

Every drake will cast Shadow Fissure. This spell will place an area-effect graphic on the ground, identical in appearance to Kel'Thuzad's. Raid members have about 5 seconds to completely clear the area. It will hit for 25,000 (i realize the ability itself specifies 13k), is partially resistiable, and affected by Tenebron's Aura. With multiple drakes alive, you will often see multiple Shadow Fissures spawn. They absolutely must be avoided, as they are more than likely fatal to the average raid member, and sometimes to tanks as well.

Another shared ability is their breath effect. Of course Shadow Breath should only hit the tank, and all other raid members should keep about 10-15yd range if behind the tank and keep clear of any drake's head at all times. It will not necessarily kill a raid member, but once again it is imperative to minimize all unnecessary damage when trying the encounter with multiple drakes alive. This ability will come up later when discussing Tenebron.

The only other ability they share is that which spawns a portal. An emote will appear, naming the drake and informing the raid that a portal will have spawned. However, what is inside, and the effects of the portal being up remain unique to each twilight drake and will be discussed in the next comment i make.


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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy. Empty Re: Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

Post  Mirtas on Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:18 pm

Continued from post abv.

As aforementioned, Tenebron will be the first twilight drake to land, about 20 seconds into the fight, and at almost the exact same time as the first flame tsunami.

Power of Tenebron will be in effect until Tenebron is killed. However, the only shadow damage sources are Shadow Breath, Shadow Fissure, and Twilight Torment(an ability unique to Vesperon).
His aura is the least detrimental of the three, in my opinion. However it shouldn't be ignored by the healers. The tanks on the twilight drakes will take noticeably more sporadic damage until Tenebron is downed.
Tenebron's portal will contain the eggs of twilight whelps. When entered, the player will be phased into a different realm where several eggs in the area will be targetable and killable. Any eggs inside the portal that are not killed before Tenebron casts Hatch Eggs, will cause Twilight Whelps to spawn in the normal realm. These mobs have 150k HP and have fairly low melee damage but should be tanked.
When attempting with multiple drakes up, it is important to know that Tenebron's portal should be completely ignored, the twilight whelps off-tanked until his death, heroism/bloodlust should be used, and Tenebron should be bursted down AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Tenebron needs to be extremely low (below 30%) before Shadron lands and dead long before Vesperon lands. It is almost impossible to maintain stability throughout the encounter if your raid lacks the dps to kill Tenebron quickly.

Please note:
While casting Hatch Eggs as of 12/15/08 (the Monday before a patch), Tenebron seems to move around randomly, as though he's moving to the location of some eggs within his portal realm. This is very dangerous since he may randomly breathe on the raid. There is almost nothing you can do but be extra cautious of it and try your best to avoid it.

As soon as he is killed, the whelps need to be taken care of. If your off-tank is taking too much damage while trying to kill Tenebron, it may be best to postpone damage on Tenebron and eliminate some of the whelps and lava blazes. Killing Tenebron removes his aura from the raid as well as the spawning of whelps, once his portal has despawned.

The next drake to land will be Shadron.
Power of Shadron will be in effect until he is killed. A person hit by a Flame Tsunami will more than likely die in only a few seconds, Sartharion's Flame Breath will hit for large amounts of damage on the main tank, and the lava spouts that do random raid damage will hit very hard while he is alive (although they're relatively rare).
He will spawn Shadow Fissures.
He will use his breath on the tank.
Shadron is, in my opinion, the most difficult drake to deal with during Sartharion's encounter.

When Shadron spawns a portal, it will place Gift of Twilight on Sartharion. This portal should be ignored, and Shadron should be DPS'd down quickly.
You will need to manage DPS between Lava Blazes and Shadron.
Once Tenebron dies, Shadron will be DPS'd; you'll likely have a multitude of adds, drakes and elementals alike, that need to be killed.

Vesperon lands about 80-90 seconds into the encounter. Until Shadron is killed, Vesperon will be off-tanked.
He will breathe on the tank.
He will spawn his own Shadow Fissures.

Vesperon's portal is negligible so long as Tenebron is down before he lands. While his portal is up, Twilight Torment will be in effect on the raid. It will hit for approximately 7000. His portal CAN be ignored but the presence of it should most certainly not be! The DPS in the raid will take fairly large amounts of damage now and can experience some spikes in health and should be monitored very closely. Whether or not to take Vesperon's portals is upto you. It should be doable either way. Leaving the portal up will allow you to quickly burst Shadron down, which can quickly minimize the amount of times your MT will need extra help for breaths. Going into the portal will stretch the fight out a bit; it will be more of an effort to maintain the raid, and less of a worry about Sartharion's enormous breath damage. If you have 8 or more healers, leave the portal alone (this is unlikely though). If you have 7 or less, I would recommend entering the portal as it causes healing to be very rough. If you enter it, a tank or a dps class with a shield needs to tank the acolyte and only 1 healer should follow with the majority of the dps that should enter.
While Vesperon and Shadron are both alive, it is important to note that the main tank will be taking INSANE hits from Sartharion's breath, upwards of 40k on account of Twilight Torment combined with Power of Shadron. The tank should be using any cooldowns that might be able to keep him alive (Unholy death knights have the most cooldowns to counter it atm) however using a 51 point holy priest's Guardian Spirit and a paladin's Hand of Sacrifice will likely be necessary regardless. You may choose to hold your heroism/bloodlust until the raid is dpsing Shadron if the tank lacks the cooldowns.

This is the most difficult portion of the encounter, and making it through with a large part of the raid alive will likely mean a kill. There will temporarily be massive amounts of damage to heal through, and the raid will also still have to pay attention to Flame Tsunamis and multiple Shadow Fissures. It is also on the DPS to push each twilight drake as fast as possible.

Once Shadron is down, the raid should switch to Vesperon. It is not a bad idea to keep the Blazes (and Whelps) adjacent to whichever drake is being DPS'd at the time. However the large amount of mobs near the melee can make it hard for them to see Shadow Fissures forming. If this becomes a problem, such positioning should be avoided, as it is not required, but merely helps.

It should be noted that with each drake's death, Sartharion will gain Twilight Revenge dealing 25% more damage 25% faster with each stack, up to eventually 75%. At 10% Sartharion will soft enrage, and with 3 stacks of Twilight Revenge still applied, does heavy amounts of damage to the tank as well as spams lava spouts, which causes a huge number of lava blazes to spawn. In an attempt with 2 or more drakes up, you'll likely have lost exhaustion and be able to heroism/bloodlust again for this.

Please note:
If you choose not to enter Vesperon's portals, you should be aware that his portal seems to remain open regardless of his death (although this could be a bug). Entering the portals once Shadron is down, or entering the portal once after his death is highly advised. I'm not aware of his portal "timing out" like Tenebrons does.

i hope this massive amount of poorly organized information helps! good luck!

This was the first strat i found, and it seems pretty solid information, although it just really states abilities and such and doesn't have anything to do about placement, raid make up and all of that.

Now there isn't any strat for 2drakes up itself, since most people find it best to just start with 3 drakes and work down, if 3 can't be downed do 2 and down again if that doesn't work.

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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy. Empty Re: Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

Post  Mirtas on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:11 pm

better quality version at

Stratfu's Sartharion 3D strategy page (Goes along good to read with video)


A little blog about how Stratfu's guild learnt the instance the hard way

Download the vid at warcraft movies, its much better quality and helps you understand the fight much better Smile,

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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy. Empty Re: Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

Post  Boman on Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:41 pm

Wow - nice video! Definitely worth the watch.



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Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy. Empty Re: Sartharion 1 drake or more strategy.

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