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Post  Mirtas on Wed Feb 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Was really bored today and since i found out Be.Imba.Hu was back, i decided to do an audit on our raiding mages,

So here goes :-

Arcanefury -

Azelo -

Carlitos -

Demanndred -

Flinthrom -

Leighah -

Mirtas -

Nezrathii -

Peppah -

Now this is based off your armory profile at the time of the audit and it shows you where you are lacking, like spell hit and how much more to cap, wrong or missing enchants and suggested better enchants. Its a really good indicator for you to be able to optimize your gear and enchants.

Later on i will go thro each one individually and just post my opinion on them.

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