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Guild Updates and News (Old School Raids and more...)

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Guild Updates and News (Old School Raids and more...)

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:38 pm

Hey all, it is DisturbedOnes resident "Aggro Monkey" Mirtas here with a few quick guild updates.

First off the bat is Classic Raid Night, which is now held every Sunday, starting at 5pm Server Time. We will be doing Old School Raids starting with the Old School 40 mans like BWL, MC and Aq40 and then progressing onto the BC raids. This is you chance to get all those raid achievements you been aching for and also a chance to bolster the guild resume.

Next on the agenda is Guild Raid Progression, some quick notes :
  • DO's 25 Man Raid has cleared 25 Man (Heroic) Naxxaramas, congrats to all the regulars on a job well done and continue to keep owning KelThuzard and his Minions. Also the 25 man raid has done Sartharion with 1 drake up and is now working on doing 2 Drakes and also trying to down the Big Bad Malygos.
  • 10 Man Raids Group 1 through 4 have cleared 10 Man Naxxaramas. With Group 2 and 3 having also downed 10 man Malygos.
  • Group 5 is getting off the ground and running tonight, in their first foray into Naxxaramas and we wish them all the best of luck. Also lots of thanks goes out to Dezeray for forming this team and leading them into the deep dark recesses of Naxx.
  • A second 25 man Raid will be forming on Friday 20th March being led by Team 3's own Tylyk.

And for now the last bit on the agenda is the topic of Guild Etiquette. Being such a large guild as we are with 5 10 man Raid and soon to be 2 25 man raid groups, not everyone will be guaranteed a spot on some of the Raid teams based on various reason. We encourage members who want to raid to try and see in guild if they can form their own 10 man groups and get started we won't even hold it against you if you raid outside the guild. But while doing that you should keep in mind that you are a representation of DisturbedOnes and it is expected that you put a good face out there for the guild. Recently we had 2 situations with Guild Members not behaving in outside raids and causing problems for these raid groups, since then those 2 members have since been removed from guild and would not be let back in. Hopefully our Guild Mates will continue to show the rest of Cenarion Circle how good and respected of a guild DisturbedOnes can be.

Well thats all for now, Mirtas out and keep being Disturbed.


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