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Guild Ranking System Empty Guild Ranking System

Post  Boman on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:30 am

***** Updated 04/07/2009 *****

DisturbedOnes has rolled out a new ranking system for the guild. The basic idea is to simplify things. The new ranks are as follows:

Officer Alt

And the question... how does it all work?

Leadership positions require an application process through the website and appropriate positions to be available. Now I'll discuss Leader and below:

How do I become a Leader?
Be it, then apply for it. An Officer Sponsor is required for a leadership role. This sponsor will mentor you during a 30 day probationary period at the end of which a final determination will be on whether to keep you in the role or not. You will not be asked to apply for a leadership role, and when you apply it will be expected that you have a history of stepping up being a respected member of the guild by other members.

How do I become an Associate?
Be a long-standing member of the guild (12 mo)

How do I become a Raider?
Be an official member or alternate on one of DO's officially sponsored raiding teams. Once you are no longer a member of one of DO's teams, you will be demoted to Member status.

How do I become a Member? (updated 04/07/2009)
Receive sponsorship from an Associate or higher in the guild.

How do I become an Initiate? (updated 04/07/2009)
When you are first invited to the guild, you will be in the Initiate rank. As an Initiate, you are expected to get to know the guild and find another member of Associate rank or higher that will sponsor you for full guild membership. Once you find a sponsor, let an officer know via in-game mail so that they can validate. Once validated your rank will be upgraded to member.

Any Leadership or higher position in the guild requires website use on a regular basis. Failure to comply will result in a loss of leadership status. The guild website is considered the official place for guild information. Everyone is responsible for checking it regularly.

If you leave the guild for any reason you will lose your seniority and start back at Initiate.




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Guild Ranking System Empty About leaders

Post  Canith on Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:28 am

I'm curious. You didn't say, but what is a leader? is it a class leader, raid leader, or just someone to look up to? if it'd class, I'm in. I was a prior officer, and chaos has been in the guild forever. I'm sure any of the officers would be willing to sponsor me, so just give me the heads up on what's up here. Thanks ~.0. ~Canīth


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Guild Ranking System Empty Re: Guild Ranking System

Post  Boman on Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:59 pm

Being given the "Leader" rank in the guild is really a recognition of the work that one has done on an ongoing basis. As talked about in the post... be it. Being a leader isn't for everybody, and rather than having a leader rank which may or may not mean something depending upon the person who is in there, it is instead more of a recognition.

So really the best advice I can give someone is really that simple. Be a leader. Be active in guild events, help others in the guild, be supportive of the guild and website always. Then, when that moment hits you that you've become a leader and members of the guild come to you and respect you for those things that you do... apply for a leadership position.

When you apply, be as detailed as possible. Let those in the guild that may not know you see what you do and have accomplished. Talk about what you've done to support the guild and move it forward. As you list things, remember that being a leader isn't about you - it's about the guild and it's membership.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes... those that lead raids or groups consistently and with a guild focus, those that know their class well and are always outgoing in their attempts to help and support others of all classes, those that communicate well within the guild, support the guild, and continue to bring new and interesting members or ideas into the guild.

I try not to put the definition in a box, but it doesn't happen overnight. If you ask yourself "what have I done for the guild in the past few months" and you come up with a long list, it's certainly something you should consider applying for. The difference with the title is, it's expected.

I hope that helps define it some.



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Guild Ranking System Empty Re: Guild Ranking System

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