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Ulduar patch and switching over, request for comments on it

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Ulduar patch and switching over, request for comments on it

Post  Lawbreaker on Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:13 pm

With the upcoming patch for Ulduar coming in 3.1, I was wondering if everyone would be interested in going straight into the 10M version if the new instance. From what ive seen on our runs it seems we have most of the gear we would need from naxx 10, and some do the 25M version so some have 25M pieces as well if not more than just a few. I feel we'd be alright in there once we get the strategies down and whatnot. Comments on this idea would be greatly appreciated.

Also, maybe you want to switch your role? Maybe you have an alt you've been dying to gear up? If you want to continue running naxx but with your alts, maybe that could be an option also? I personally dont have any 80 alts myself so ill be staying on Law myself, but...input on this also.

Basically i want to see what interests us as a group, because to ME it seems as if my toon has hit a wall for gear progression, as i am unable to raid in 25M for the guild, in either of the teams. I am playing alts more during the week because honestly theres nothing for Law to do except tank Naxx on the weekends. Oh, one more possibility is, switch over to do the other 10M raids (VoA, OS, then Maly?) instead of our normal naxx run?? Also another Option....

Opinions, comments, input...GO!

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Re: Ulduar patch and switching over, request for comments on it

Post  Nightjade on Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:02 pm

I am always up for anything new. Ulduar 10 man gear would be a good upgrade from Naxx 10 gear, but little upgrade from Naxx 25 gear. It would be a nice change and would give us something new to learn ( strategies ).

I would love to gear up my alts, but that would be selfish since most of the group does not have a total of 4 80s. If we decide on a change, it would benefit the group to do VoA, OS-10 and Maly in the same time period we run Naxx-10. If we do not change, then we can certainly try to do some achievements in Naxx-10. Variety is, of course, the spice of Life.

On a side note, I would like to thank you and Briteleaf for letting me join your Naxx-10 group. I know all the raids from a healing point of view and am still learning from a melee point of view. Both of you have put together am excellent group.

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Re: Ulduar patch and switching over, request for comments on it

Post  Arcanefu on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:20 am

Personally, i would love to do 25 man Naxx or 10 man Maly, but i agree with you Law, i have hit a wall on Arcane too, the only thing i could really use as an upgrade is the Tier 7 Helmet from KT, but besides that, i have hit a wall, and for the swapping out characters, i do think it would be a great way to see the options we also have Available so we dont have to Pug some of those non needed people when we could have somebody else with an alt of the same Class or Spec, such as a Paladin DPS, or a Paladin Tank, or even a Paladin Healer, it would bring more options to the table and it would also allow us to gear up our alts, and thus POSSIBLY forming another 10 man group for nothing but Alts which would not only allow us to keep our Mains in Group 4, but it would also let us have something to look forward to on our Alts as well.

The whole idea i have behind swapping a Main in Group 4 out for an alt, is that it gives us the chance to see how good our alt would do in a legitamate 10 man raid and also get used to that diffrent role/class in a Raid, as to a Heroic.


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Re: Ulduar patch and switching over, request for comments on it

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