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Achievement runs in Naxx

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Achievement runs in Naxx

Post  Lawbreaker on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:49 am

ok people, very good job that last naxx run (APR 11), we got 2 more achievements under our belt, and 2 that got lost to us because of misunderstandings and spores spawning on top of us =). We are perfectly capable of doing these other ones, we just need to make clear what is going to need to happen for each one of them. Here is a list of the ones we have left for naxx:

The Dedicated Few: Defeat all bosses with less than 9 people in the zone ( 8 )
Make Quick Werk of Him: Defeat Patchwerk in 3 minutes or less
Momma Said Knock You Out: Defeat Grand Widow Faerlina without dispelling Frenzy ( 8 )
Shocking!: Defeat Thaddius without anyone in the raid crossing the Positive and Negative charges ( 8 )
Spore Loser: Defeat Loatheb without killing any spores ( 8 )
And They Would All Go Down Together: Defeat the 4 horse men so that each dies within 15 seconds of each other
Just Can't Get Enough: During KT encounter kill 18 abominations
The Undying: Defeat every boss in Naxxramas without anyone in the raid dying ( 8 )

We've come a long way, and i think we can agree our 'synergy' is coming along very well =). We need to push to grab these achievements! I have marked some of the achievements with an ( 8 ) denoting that these can be done whilst still doing an 8M Naxx for The Dedicated Few.

How to do them?

The dedicated few is self explanatory, just have 8 people in the raid and complete naxx.

Make Quick Werk of him requires MASSIVE DPS in order to bring him down in 3 minutes. My DBM shows our best kill at 3:52. Ive just read a thottbot comment on this achievement, which by his numbers, if the two tanks can do 1500+ dps sustainably, and if we had 2 healers, the other 6 have to be pushing out 3500 dps to make the 3 minute kill. Now the kicker is: does our group have this sort of dps that can be sustained? I always roll judgment of wisdom for the mana dps'ers out there...idk myself though, comments on this one.

Momma said knock you out: simple, we just messed it up this week. Demolish the adds away from faerlina. That being said, i myself can go ahead and solo all of them since they dont hit for all that much and timing of kills is not an issue. Two of our healers stay on Zeph, one goes with me, should be simple, just nuke and heal thru her frenzy. Im confident this'll be done next week.

Shocking: This one requires some footwork, but not all that hard once we get a system down. I was thinking about the "stay closer to ledge/ stay closer to wall" technique, and i came up with a simpler one: Go to the right. Me as a tank, get positive. I get negative, i circle around to the right. If im negative i circle around to the right of him. This ensures you dont 'mix' them up, the only way you can is if one of us doesnt get there fast enough to not set off the charges. You have 5 seconds after your charged to get to your corresponding side before the charge shocks any oppositely charged guys...simple enough? It's my job to ensure we have enough space on both sides, since i have the tendency to tank him close to the platform thing

Spore loser: easy one also. dont kill any of the spores. This means you have to use targeted abilities, no AOE can be allowed for it unless you are WAY clear of any of the following spores, and even then, as we saw, a spore can still spawn on top of you and you can mess it up if u used an AOE at that moment. DPS was not an issue for that attempt, the only thing is the healers start to have a harder time as the fight drags on.

And they would all go down together: IMO one of the hardest ones, we have to manage our players and develop a system to spread the dps out so that we can kill them within the 15 seconds. Now by the 15 seconds we all must understand that once the first guy goes down your 15 seconds starts, the last one must be killed by the end of that 15 seconds, it does not work where you kill one and get a new 15 second timer. Comments on this one for any system we could use is appreciated.

Just can't get enough: pull 18 abominations. seems like a lot, but then again phase 1 does last quite a bit, they would need to be pulled all in the beginning. I remember seeing a niche or two that only had abominations in it when they initially spawned, so that would help out to pull 3 abominations from one of those niches. comments on feasability of this one?

The Undying: NO ONE DIE!!! by far probably the hardest thing you'll do next to the heroic one or 10M 3D Sarth i think.

SO, what do you all think? i know we can do most of these next week if we have all of our group show up with no pugging. I saw raieyne's alt, snewpie willing to fill in also for it if we are short one dps....

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Re: Achievement runs in Naxx

Post  Boman on Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:00 pm

I won't go into a lot of detail atm, but a quick post. For Mamma said knock you out we've done this many times for people in our raids that haven't had it yet. It really is that simple - keep a tank on the adds and don't kill them. Just burn the boss. Kill the adds when it's all over. That way you have no question that you'll get the achievement. Usually the add tank pulls, then the boss tank taunts the boss and everyone goes nuts.

For Shocking, what we did was decided that was the achievement we were going to get. So if anyone got hit, we called a wipe and ran back in. We got it our second attempt. When we do Thaddius I just make sure I call out "get ready for switch" right when he starts casting so people are prepared to move immediately.

I know Oz's group did the Just Can't Get Enough achievement, so maybe they have some comments on how they handled that one.



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Re: Achievement runs in Naxx

Post  Nightjade on Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:15 pm

The achievements you have listed would be an excellent goal for our group. Certainly more than half of them can be accomplished, as long as we have our core group.

Some of the achievements, we as a group just need to get into a rhythm, just like a new group starting a new raid. Once we all know the fight, it will be very easy.


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Re: Achievement runs in Naxx

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