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my little unsceduled Hiatus(s)

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my little unsceduled Hiatus(s)

Post  Canith on Wed May 13, 2009 12:52 pm

I apologize, both to Boman as raid leader, and to the rest of the raid team on my absence (both past and future). Between Zeriath (Who want's to raid, yet at the same time want's me to lvl my rogue with him), Work (I'm maintainance in the military and you never know when things pop up), Exercises (Once a month for a week all the way through at least august), and my new speeding ticket ("court date" July 24), as well as other misc things that pop up (my family reunion was Sat.) I haven't been on much, when I am Zeriath usually want's me to play, I'm worn out, on edge, and yet still wanting to raid. (yes, there are a lot of excuses up there, but R L trumps WoW any day, and sometimes I won't get prior notice). So bear with me- Bo knows my number, and If I'm not on, and you need my shaman, tell him to call- I always have my cell on me and will get back ASAP with my answer. Again, thanks for your patience. ~Canīth ~.0


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