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Post  Bellona on Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:57 pm

Soooo, perusing the forums and discovered I had never introduced myself! What an unforgiveable error. Due to my lack of oversight, I'm going to make it up and pen a short novella. I know you're excited! (I see NJ grabbing a bowl of popcorn already in anticipation!) **Spoiler Alert** I do have a disgusting, unbreakable habit of using the "!" to excess. -- Now, where was I?

Oh yea... Hi, my name is Bellona and I'm a level 80 warlock who can't dps her way out of a wet paper bag. But I'm here to have fun and hopefully make raiding more enjoyable for some of you. Very Happy Raiding is a serious business and we all know that. So to make up for my lack pulling my weight...I cook (fish feasts and such), clean (dismantle those pesky mechanical creatures), summon (for those lazy asses), and banish (by performing the occasional exorcism on elementals). I’m a pretty constant figure in Group 1 and they seem to put up with me. I don’t have any other level 80 alts so what you see is what you get. You guys with your multiple 80’s all with different classes, specs, factions, etc. are an enigma to me. How do you keep them all straight and play them all with such finesse? Must be that typical male gene that’s always wondering if the grass is greener… “ooh gotta try out this one” or “I’m bored with what I have, I’ll make another”. On the flip side, you can be prepared to bring whatever is needed at a moment’s notice for that, I salute you! Now for those of you (men) that rolled female NE’s just to strip them and hit the /dance emote…com’on, what are you thinking??!! Alright, don’t answer that…anyway…yea.

I did start a pally but when I realized that there are 2 pallies for every 1 of the other classes out there, (except DKs that is, those things are a dime a dozen!) I quickly lost interest. So now my bank toon is….yep, you guessed it, a pally! So then I decided to try PvP and unless you go with a killing buddy I fail to see the fun in it. I can only cuss at my monitor and wait for the “Resurrection in…blah seconds” so many times before I need a valium. It’s a good thing I have low blood pressure because after a couple of WSGs, I’d be having a stroke otherwise! I’ve been in an arena exactly 3 times (5v5) and let’s just say the guys that finally got me to go decided it wasn’t worth all the cajoling they did to get me there! They told me I did “just fine” which I equated to…”now we know why she didn’t want to go in the first place”.

So there you have it…the short version. One last thing, if anyone ever needs any help with something, please let me know. I’m always willing to help if I am able.

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Post  Nightjade on Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:11 am


Still have half the bowl of!!! ( Speed reader )

So far group 1 has been on one hell of a coaster ride, and you have made it enjoyable. So much so that I want to ride it again, backwards.

I guess your Intro, as the saying goes: Better Late than Never.


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