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Warrior tank Pre-Naxx Gear Guide

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Warrior tank Pre-Naxx Gear Guide

Post  Regihomestar on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:18 pm

This is merely a guide of gear improving on stats a warrior will need. Ranged weapon is ignored. Mostly this will be aimed at warrior alts/novices who feel like tanking. Most likely you're going to see a lot of dodge and hit rating on these items. Because of Stamina being important, it is advised to get equipment with Blue sockets.

If you feel you are low on hit, expertise, or parry, simply fill a Yellow or Red Socket with a gem correlating to any stat you feel you're missing. Block is also important for a warrior because blocking gives him/her rage, whereas dodging or parrying doesn't.

Head- Arcane Shielded Helm (H Nexus)(Grand Magus Telestra)
Neck - Shard of the Crystal Forest (19 Emblems of Conquest)
Shoulders - Pauldrons of the Colossus (H Gundrak)(Drakkari Colossus)
Chest - Sun-Emblazoned Chestplate (H Halls of Stone)(Sjonnir the Ironshaper)
Back - Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions (Wyrmest Accord - Honored)
Wrist - Bracers of the Herald (H Old Kingdom)(Herald Volazj)
Hand - Horn-Tipped Gauntlets (H Gundrak)(Gal'darah)
Waist - Shieldwarder Girdle (28 Emblems of Conquest)
Legs - Bolstered Legplates (H Violet Hold)(Cyanigosa)
Feet - Sabatons of Draconic Vigor (Wyrmrest Accord - Revered)
Rings - Band of Torture (H Oculus)(Drakos the Interrogator) and Woeful Band (H Halls of Stone)(Maiden of Grief)
Trinkets - Lavanthor's Talisman (H Violet Hold)(Lavanthor) and Essence of Gossamer (H Azjol-Nerub)(Hadronox)
Weapon - Red Sword of Courage (H Utgarde Pinnacle)(King Ymiron)
Shield - Royal Crest of Lordaeron (H Culling of Stratholme)(Mal'Ganis)

Ranged can vary if you prefer use of Thrown, Bow, or Guns. Thus it is hard to find a linear gear piece for ranged regarding pre-Naxx.

If you have the Championing tabards, Champion Wyrmrest Accord first. If you still feel the need to do Heroics, Champion Argent Crusade second.


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