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thinking of deployment...and WoW plans

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thinking of deployment...and WoW plans

Post  Lawbreaker on Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:54 pm

Hey DO. I know i recently got back from Hohenfels after 3 weeks of training. I've come back, settled in, and assessed what's going on in my life right now. I have come to the conclusion that although WoW is a great game and i definitely love raiding and experiencing new things and taking down new bosses with the group i have, I think it is time to start preparing myself and DO for my eventual 1-year absence. I deploy in December. This week i can raid, next week not, week after yes, week after THAT not. I have assessed what i need to be doing, and that's spending just a LITTLE more time with my wife, 5 hours of raiding from 5P-10P started to eat at my weekend time with the wife, and i need to get to what's important. WoW will probably still be here when i get back, and i'll have a LOT of work to do to catch up on gear and such, but that's for me to do later on at my own pace. Me and the wife have planned cool trips to go on before i go out, such as Oktoberfest and Poland. I don't want to hassle DO and Group 4 by being sporadic in my raiding and having you guys work around me. I've decided it'd be better to just go ahead and demote myself to casual, and fill in if needed if im on. So as of now, i want to make it official that Kantus has group 4, for those of you who may think it's still my group or whatever lol, he can run it just fine just as he has while i was gone. There are great players in DO who can also organize and/or run groups, they just have to step up!

I want you all to know that i love playing with DO, i love tanking/healing, and all that other jazz. I will keep the account active, and let my brother Margolis/Margoliz handle him and play him as he sees fit to play him, and until December i'll be on a good amount of the time, but i want you all to know that im starting to lessen my wow time for the RL time, which we all need to remember ALWAYS comes first. Love you guys, and i'll see ya around until December, i'll give the final hoorah once that time comes...

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