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Post  Boman on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:23 am

It seems that once again the popularity of our 25-man raids has decreased significantly. If that doesn't change soon we're going to have to look at once again modifying our schedule and removing the opportunity for players that still want to run some of the "older" content. We've gone from being able to fill our own 25-man raids to having 15-spots and sharing with Silver Hammer to... not being able to fill our 15 spots. As an example, out of the 40+ people we invite between both our guilds, we currently have 15 people accepted for our thu/fri night raid this week. The numbers go up when we talk about VoA25, Ony25, and ToC25.

We may end up needing to remove all 25-man content. We can't successfully run the newer raids if people aren't geared appropriately. And we have a lot of people coming that are not putting out the required numbers for the newer content. So we struggle much more than we should. After clearing through Hodir last 2 weeks ago, last week we couldn't down Ignis in Ulduar.

So I can only ask people's opinion - what is going on?



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25-man Raids Empty Re: 25-man Raids

Post  Daargo on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:53 pm

I can only speak for myself...

Uldar got OLD really fast since we were only doing the first 3-5 bosses each week. Honestly, I didn't see us getting any better than that. I lost interest in doing the same thing every week.

Thursday nights...I missed the note about where we were going to be running Uldar on Thursdays, I thought it was Friday-Saturday. I can't really do Thursdays on a regular basis, but the hours we do it are good.

Second, to be blunt, I have like 4-5 of the usual raid members on my ignore list. That's a bad sign for me that I'm really not enjoying some of the people I am raiding with. This is JUST me, not speaking for anyone else on that.

WoW staleness. Northrend was all shiney and new and fun, but now, it's grown stale in the breadbox for me. Back to the old "Grind to get better gear to do new content to get better gear to get to do new content to get better gear to do new content..." ToC isn't new content, it's just a bunch of boss encounters thrown together.

With all that, I kind of feel I have become part of the problem and not the solution. Some of the Uldar fights really demanded more attention than I was giving

Aion. Yes, I am playing Aion. It's not necessarily better than WoW, but it is new and shiney.

TL'DR version: WoW old, Aion new.

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25-man Raids Empty Re: 25-man Raids

Post  rachetguy on Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:39 pm

I've missed this week for family. But.. I gotta say I'm depressed that again standing around waiting for pug to fill up. Then...lack of progress. Some I attribute to lack of player wanting it, IE not flasking, food (unless someone else puts out a feast), etc.

The change from Fri/Sat hurt. I can do it. But... I prefer the 25 ToC so I cannot do 3 nites in a row.
Heck I'm an old man and need my beauty sleep and wife rep is too steep to replace each week. Smile

Sooo.... I'm willing to hang in for ToC 25... gear chase ya know.


and yes... I'm enjoying Aion too. Ishraphel server.... come on over to the light.


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25-man Raids Empty Re: 25-man Raids

Post  Flinthrom on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:40 pm

I think from this week I will not be attending our 25 Ulduar raids or raids that happen on Monday - Friday.

There's this sense of casualness about raiding that irritates me. It's the "lol...I do this for fun" crap by some people while wiping 6 million times and reaching the same point in the progression each week that has thrown me off. I don't wipe for fun. I play the game for fun but there are things I'd rather do in real life and other games I could be playing in the 3+ odd hours we spend reaching the same place in the raid.

All my friends have also left the guild and I am the only one left so there's nothing to keep me coming back to Ulduar and I can't talk to Bo during a raid because he's busy being a raid leader and tanking so I am a bored camper. I think raiding on weekends only will suit me fine for the time being and I'll be using my time doing other things. The time off from raiding on work days is something that I think I could use.


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25-man Raids Empty Re: 25-man Raids

Post  helioz on Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:50 am

OK this looks like good spot to post this i will not be coming to thursdays raids i raid like everyday its getting a bit to much and going to put in over time at work make me some money for my tip to japan in late december or jan dont no when yet but around then. ill try to make fridays but might be bit late from now on.

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