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Sunday Raid Currently Cancelled

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Sunday Raid Currently Cancelled

Post  Nezrathii on Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:31 am

I know I should have written this a lot sooner but now is when i've had the chance to- because of so much going on for me right now with school and travelling I am cancelling Naxx25 on sundays- or at the very least one that I lead because too many things just seem to keep interfering with it. For the past 3 weeks ive had to cancel because i needed to get a paper done, went to new york and this past sunday I was on a trip with my college band, choir and accapella groups and we didn't get home until 10 (7 server) so ya I'm going to cancel it for now- I heard there was an alt 10man ulduar that sounded like it did pretty well and I certainly wouldn't mind joining in on that whenever I can be on on sundays (my college has a break coming up the end of this week for a week so i get a nice 10 day break since I don't have classes on fridays)

I may try to run a naxx25 this sunday depending on circumstances (in otherwords if my gf reeeeeeallly wants me to) but for the most part naxx25 on sundays is now defunkt.

Sorry to all those out there- I hope the regulars at least got enough gear so that they felt it was worthwhile and maybe now they can do ulduar with said alts which was essentially the point of doing it.

Later all =)


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