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3.3 and the Weekly Raiding Quest

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3.3 and the Weekly Raiding Quest

Post  Boman on Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:51 am

Hey All,

So by now you know it's official. At least that's the word here at 6:30am! And with 3.3 comes the brand new weekly raiding quest, which will award 5 emblems of frost and 5 emblems of triumph. Given how the Tier gear will work, as well as the legendary shadowmourne, I believe most people will do everything they can to get lots of frost. My understanding is that they will be selecting bosses that are early in raids or quick to get to.

To go along with this new quest, I'm proposing yet another raid. Hopefully one that takes no more than an hour a week. So if you have any preference to what day/time we do this, make sure you post here. I'll also be putting up a guild announcement soon. Since we'll only be able to take 10 or 25, it'll be important to judge interest. Either way, I plan to do this every week. How can you not?

So what am I talking about? Well, tier gear is going to be a pain in the you know what to get this time around. At least the good stuff. How is it going to work? Shoulders and gloves will be 60 emblems of frost, everything else will be 95. That's a lot of emblems! And you have to buy the first tier ilevel 251 first. You upgrade by getting tokens for middle tier doing hard modes on 10 or doing 25. Then you upgrade a 3rd time by turning in tokens from the available 25 hard modes. So I expect that guilds already doing 25-man hard modes will find 10 man icecrown pretty easy once they learn the encounters, since their gear is already better than what drops. Though who knows, maybe the icecrown gear will at least be better itemized.

And for those looking to get the legendary shadowmourne - you can get a primordial saronite for 23 emblems of frost, and it takes 25 of them to make it. Start farming those badges early:

Full T10 = 60 + 60 + 95 + 95 + 95 = 405 emblems of frost
Shadowmourne = 25 x 23 = 575 emblems of frost
Then add in the badge gear you want and you need over 1000 emblems.

Anyway, I went astray. If you're interested in the weekly raiding quest make sure you join the discussion so we can figure out when to do it. We may find it's easy enough to just pug it whenever and not worry about it. But as always, I like to be prepared.



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