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Cataclysm Changes

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Cataclysm Changes

Post  Boman on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:09 am

It's been an interesting week for updates. We'll find out later today but I believe we'll be seeing the 15% buff. That will mean we'll have about 4 weeks with that to see how much further we can go. But have you read the planned changes for raiding? Here's a real quick summary:

- 10man and 25man will share the same lockout
- 10man and 25man will drop the exact same loot

The main difference for those that go through the trouble of arranging a 25man, it will drop more loot per player and possibly more gold. So they are still trying to make there be some benefit to 25man raiding.

There's been a lot of comments about this out on various forums. A general consensus seems to be that it will kill 25man raiding. I'll admit that was my first thought as well. We'll have to see if this changes or what happens in the upcoming months. Cataclysm is probably still about 6 months away.

So I'm curious what you think about these changes, and what direction you'd like to see the guild take with these changes in mind?



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Re: Cataclysm Changes

Post  Reinia on Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:53 pm

I didn't get a chance to read many updates about the new expansion yet. The last thing that I read was that mount Hyjal is going to be a zone, FINALLY!

However, if a 10 man drops the same kind of loot, why should I bother getting ready for 25 man? Doesn't seem worth it anymore. And more gold? I get my gold from dailies so gold doesn't bother me. Now if they dropped 160 gold per person per npc, I might think about it:D

Seriously, it looks like the importance of 25 man won't be there. Not that Bliz is trying to kill the 25 man, just that it looks like they are making the importance not so hot. I will have to make a bigger and better post once, and if I can, get a chance to read the updates in full.

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Re: Cataclysm Changes

Post  helioz on Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:55 am

Iam thinking were going to have 2 mains 1 for 10mans and 1 for 25 if we do plan on doing 25s in cat.I really dont think many people will do 25mans its like the weekly how many people do it on 25 not many unless u get saved with out the quest on 10 lol.

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Re: Cataclysm Changes

Post  Ozmademos on Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:44 pm

- 10man and 25man will drop the exact same loot

Love it.

The main difference for those that go through the trouble of arranging a 25man, it will drop more loot per player and possibly more gold.

More loot, more gold, more badges... it should have been doing that all along! Since you have 2 items drop in 10man, and 25man has 250% of the people of 10man, then it should drop 250% more loot in 25man (that is, 5 pieces per boss!). On the whole though, I dont think it's worth the trouble (in my opinion) to make alot of plans for forming 25mans right away.

In essence, I look at this as, "hey, if you have a big guild from the get-go and enough people want to go, then you go! take em all! But, if you have a smaller guild and generally do better getting 10 people, then hey... no harm no foul! we wont penalize you for just having 10 people =D"

From what I read on the forums, the vast majority of people embrace this change. The comments were mostly positive and a few people claim to have wanted this for a long time. A few posts hither and thither did mention that people saw this as the end of 25mans (and by extension the end of big guilds), but I dont see that connection exactly.

A couple comments here:
True, many people now form 25mans because it has better loot. For me though, I would think that a 25man is just something you form when you have alot more than 10 people interested! Not something you feel you should 'have to' make just to get the best loot.

A guild =/= a 25man raid, and also a 25man raid =/= a guild. I hold these as true (to me at least). My hope is that people are joining guilds because they like the people and the atmosphere (or the bitchin' name in some cases 'Death by Snoo Snoo'). A 25man raid (or any raid really) is just a small short-lived group within that guild doing something (that should be fun) at that time during that week. Next week, it could be totally different, but the guild would be the same.
If we get alot of people in our guild, and if those people want to raid, and if those people choose to raid with us, and if there are enough of them... then, we should form a 25man. The reverse of that, doesnt work out in my mind. (The reverse would be, 'if we form a 25man, and if enough of those people choose to come back... then, we try making a bigger guild').

I dont know if this makes sense exaclty, but I'm sort of going somewhere with it.

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Re: Cataclysm Changes

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