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"Newbie" raid group

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"Newbie" raid group

Post  Grymgroeth on Sun May 02, 2010 10:01 pm

As Boman mentioned in his book of a post, I'm attempting to start a new raid group starting with older Lich King content. Naxx was my initial thought for where to start because the people I knew were interested (Reinia and Marlisa) weren't experienced raiders and Naxx gives a fairly large margin for error while learning the ropes and tweaking specs/rotations. That said, I think folks need a littkle background on me since I'm new - I started as raid leader way back years ago when Temple of Veeshan was brand new content in EverQuest. Yeah, I've been doing this longer than TeamSpeak or Vent have been available and directly competing with the rest of The Nameless (EQ server) for the content I wanted to see. Anyway, enough about me, lets get to specifics on this group:

Current steady members:
Grymgroeth(tank pally)/Dannaging(disc priest)/Grynamer(marks hunter)
Marlisa(dps DK)
Reinia (rogue)

As you can see, a lot of room for dedicated players, raiding experience is optional and gear can be gathered as we go since we're starting easy.

Intended schedule:
Saturday 5-830pm server (main progress day)
Sunday 4-6pm server (saturday pt2 if needed or Sarth, Maly, weekly, Ony, whatever random run comes to mind)

If you're interested and I'm not already inviting you when I put stuff on the calendar, drop me a note in game or speak up here and I'll get you into the runs. Just a heads up, I'm what most long time gamers would call a power gamer - I push for perfection in my own game and don't have a lot of patience for folks doin just enough to get by. It's all about seeing as much content as possible as effeciently as possible - the fights aren't hard if you're paying attention.


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