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Post  Ozmademos on Tue May 04, 2010 11:54 pm

This post is intended to help those not familiar with Affliction Warlock mechanics to get a simple overview

55/0/15 is the spec

Here's the link:

Just cut and paste it. It leaves a few points open for you to choose something extra...
***Note: The Link has Glyphs Already in there for You***

Gives you more hit that you would otherwise have to get from gear/enchants/gems... generally a good choice. If you find yourself way over the hit cap, you can substitute some of these points into other stuff

Improved Life Tap
You'll generally be Life Tapping just for the buff, but this also helps you to Tap less often if you really needed it. Depending on if you prefer Dark Pact to Life Tap, this might or might not be as useful.

Dark Pact
Dark Pact now restores more mana than Life Tap over 2k spell power, and it benefits from the Glyph of Life Tap. But, it doesnt directly contribute to your damage, and many of your own abilities will be returning you plenty of health to use Life Tap conservatively... so, it's up to you.

You'll have plenty to be casting without this, as well as the fact that it doesnt provide alot of damage, not particularly worth it.

Other than that, there are several talents to do various things with Affliction, but only the one's explicitly given deal with your damage.

As you can see in the talent page, there glyphs given for this spec which are considered best. Other possible ones are:

Glyph of Curse of Agony
Makes this hurt more =) in a raid though where you happen to be the only Lock and you have no Boomkins or Unholy DKs, you'll probably do Curse of Elements.

Glyph of Corruption
Biggest reason you dont need this as much is because you have a talent that does the exact same thing. However, the talent and this glyph will stack. Overall though, the difference is arguably negligible since most of your damage comes from your DoTs and not from Shadowbolt anyhow.

Glyph of Unstable Affliction
Your Unstable Affliction is already super fast.

Minor Glyphs
No Warlock Minor Glyphs contribute to your damage, so it's purely your choice!


Hit: you'll need 17%, or 446 hit rating (14% with Suppression) it's strongly advised you dont try to fudge your hit as affliction because every Miss when applying a DoT is a significant loss in dps.

Haste: second most important stat with Glyph of Quick Decay. you want your DoTs hitting hard and fast. also contributes to faster shadow bolts

Spell Power: third most important stat after hit and haste. makes your DoTs stronger.
Crit: not super important since your damage is mostly going to be constant DoT ticks and not direct damage dealing spells.

Spirit: if it's on your gear, fine... if not, no big loss. Don't go out of your way to get it over other stats.
Intellect: least important stat. your effective mana is tied into your health points

Armor: cloth (probably with hit, or crit/haste if hit capped)


The Doomguard does the most dps of any pet, but requires a quest chain and doesnt contribute to affliction talents... See:

Infernals do high dps too, but only last a short time, need a quest to get it too, and again, doesnt activate affliction talents... See:

Fel Hound is your pet of choice.

Fel Guard is Demo, Imp is for Destro, Succubus is PvP, Void guy is for leveling/solo tanking


Meta: Chaotic (+21 Crit and +3% crit dmg)
Red: Runed (+23 SP) or Veiled (+12 SP and +10 hit) if you're not hit capped
Yellow: Rigid (+20 Hit), Veiled (+12 SP and +10 Hit), or Reckless (+12 SP and +10 Haste)
Blue: Purified (+12 SP and +10 Spirit)

Priority (not a rotation)

If the boss is above 25% health, then:
1 ) Haunt
2 ) Corruption (only needs to be cast once since you'll have the talents to refresh it)
3 ) Unstable Affliction
4 ) Curse of Agony (only use another Curse if you absolutely have to)
5 ) Shadow bolt

If the boss is below 25% health, then:
1 ) Haunt (Corruption will have refreshed up to this point anyhow)
2 ) Unstable Affliction
3 ) Curse of Agony
4 ) Drain Soul (Let this fully run it's duration before going back through the priority list, even if some DoTs run out during it's cast time. The reason being that, despite the talent that increases its damage with regards to DoT effects, it will always deal the same damage in the beginning as at the end consistently)

***Note: At this point, it is a dps loss to refresh a DoT that has not completely run its duration. Let your DoT fall off (only exception being Corruption, since it refreshes automatically) before casting another. For Cataclysm, Blizz will make it so that this will no long be an issue.***

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