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Post  Telian on Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:00 am

yeah yeah yeah i know i only have one character at the moment but there is a reason for that, either way i am Telian the residant lock expert/god/guild scribe/ navagations expert and overall soulless killing machiene that Boman loves to either laugh at or poke fun at, but hey being the only God and Jester in the guild comes with great expectations and great responsibilities, but alas all is only perfect in my small little exhistance. You see i was raised a young little wralock in a small but rather loud town called bumblesnort in a small cardboard cottage just south east of the middlefunkleblaggenteingigigort gourge my family was quiet the large one and we tended to live off of mayflies and stinkwebins. Through my early childhood years i used to prance around in my longstockings and sing the song of the muddlebackens, but alas one day it came to me that i needed to giggleman my garborking and set off to find the great vashmastim. Upon my venture i ran into a fellow named Nailet of who i find was my doppleganger, and after several hours of mildly hardcore pants infested gromblaxing we finally ended our dual and i devoured him with a mighty wooden spork. Upon the end of this i went on to the town of thistlebiggens where i sought to seek the holy grail of mimmmimmmierererereiiahs. After finding said grail i immediately used it on the nearest vashmastim to finally conqure my one goal in life. Believe me that is the trickled down version dear reader, but alas you have probubly stopped paying attention and have not realised that i now own your small pathetic little soul....thank you much you may leave my presence!

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