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Unholy Death Knight Tanking Guide

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Unholy Death Knight Tanking Guide

Post  Dimitriscar on Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:17 pm

Is in my humble opinion the highest mitigation / threat generating unholy tanking spec.


On the first tier I put in the obviously neccessary tanking talents from frost and blood - blade barrier and toughness, if you read them you'll understand why quickly.
Also in tier one - Morbidity to buff Death and Decays cooldown. Imo needed since
DnD is a great spell for generating AOE threat since it has an added threat co-efficient.
Vicous strikes is thrown in mostly as a filler but also to buff the crit rate of
Scourge Strike / Plague Strike and the much needed Death Strike.


Since Attack power is used to determine our spell dmg at Death Knights (and unholy's threat generation and dmg is mostly spell based) Bladed armor(blood tree) is a no-brainer.
Epidemic is also a no brainer as longer durations on your two main diseases
means less time spent refreshing them and more time spamming runestrike etc..


When tanking untalented rune tap is an invaluable means or restoring HP
in case your healer slips, and as a UH DK it's priceless using your bloodrunes
for something other than BBoil Pest Bloodstrike.
In the unholy tree Outbreak is a noticeable boost in AOE dps Via pest and BBoil.


From here in it's UH talents only. Rider on a pale horse is EXTREMELY helpful for lvling and it doesn't hurt during those fights where you will get stunned to get back into the fight quicker. Bloodcaked is a background talent that you'll ocassionally notice a few extra hundred white dmg with. Shadow of Death - 2%stam 2% strength, nuff said.


You might think, "why bother with summon gargoyle?" Because you will find yourself having 100rp during some fights and while you can spam death coil
you'll help your raid more dropping the gargoyle for some "cast it and forget it"
dps. Don't summon gar. without having 100 RP it's a waste of RP.
The awesomeness of impurity is easy to see - 25% more spelldmg from your AP
that's more dmg = more threat. Dirge is a point dump, some people like it alot
but it's debateable as to it's importance.


Reaping is invaluable because it converts your blood runes to death runes.
This will allow for more Scourge strikes and if needed Death strikes.


Desecration is the talent with the arms coming out the ground, some people
swear by it some say it's useless during heavy movement fights because it's a
stationary buff. I like the extra 5% dmg it provides and since I strive to keep pest up all the time Desecration is up most of the time.
UH aura is nice for the movement speed buff it provides, if you have a melee heavy group it'll help get those heavy hitters to their targets / adds faster.


Crypt fever is a solid choice since more disease dmg = more dmg yadda yadda...
Bone shield is UH tree's main mitigation talent one UH rune for 2% dmg and 40% Dmgreduction
FROM ALL SOURCES. It's a beast.


Wandering Plague really makes the yellow numbers fly when you have a group of 4+ mobs taking
your disease dmg. In my tanking gear I roll with roughly 17% crit and this talent makes your diseases
do alot of extra dmg. Don't worry about it breaking CC because it can't.
Ebon Plaguebringer makes UH DKs and all casters very happy - 12% more magic dmg as well and
additionally buffing your diseases, dps and tanking builds NEED this talent and it gives an additional
3% crit... yay.
Scourge strike will be your equivalent of warriors devastate - it'll provide alot of threat and spamming
it only becomes possible with Reaping(TIER SIX).


Rage of Rivendare - 10% more dmg to special attacks and spells and 5 expertise.

UH Blight is the lvl 51 talent. It does heavy shadow dmg and is a cast and forget ability.
I turn it on w/e I'm tanking groups and DnD is already down and Rune Strike isn't up.

I hope this little bit helps those in the dark about certain DK abilities,
it's an extremely powerful class and although MTing as UH is probobly
not desired by many guilds it certainly is viable with the gear / setup.


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