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How much spell haste?

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How much spell haste? Empty How much spell haste?

Post  Daargo on Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:52 am

From my limited research, it seems that 15.8 haste = 1% cast time reduction.

For the math challenged, this means that 16 haste will yield a 1% reduction or (spell cast time) / 1.01.

Example, 3.0 cast time divided by 1.01 = roughly 2.97 cast time.

Given this, and keeping it simple, it seems 316 haste = 0.5 sec reduction in cast time.

Theories are that you cannot get below 1.0 seconds due to global cooldown. Some say you can, others...

So, for us caster types, what are we doing? I have pretty much always stacked hit-crit-spellpower. But now, it seems every item in WotLK is coming with haste. To get to the magical 316 I'd have to stack a lot of haste items plus talents.

What are the thoughts on Haste - Crit - Spellpower priority? (This assumes hit is first priority in a raiding environment.)

Edit: Math correction

Edit 2: With further experimentation and research, the amount of haste you need (as well as crit) to make 1% increases with level. IE, you need more haste at level 80 to = 1% than at level 70. But still, what is everyone else doing?

Any input? Bueller?

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