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Post  Ozmademos on Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:54 pm

I'm very pleased to announce that Group 2 has cleared the Arachnid (aka Spider) Quarter in Naxx on the first night!

The raid went from 6pm-10pm (ST), and in that time we cleared the entire quarter. To begin with I'd specified two main things on vent: first, that vent is for raid coordination only (so all talking should be kept to a minimum and preferably none); secondly, that loot for Group 2 will be freeroll on epic with the following tweeks...
Please give priority to someone else, if:
1. The item is not part of your main armor set (if you wear plate, wear plate)
2. You already have a L80 epic in that space (Let's get everyone geared)
3. The item has stats that are not actually for your spec (Spirit and mp5 are more healing, than dps)

I'm not limiting one epic per run, because there could be multiple items that drop which may be best used by the same person. I primarily leave any disputes up to a roll of the dice or between the individuals themselves (ensuring of course that they are certain in their decision to give up a certain epic). As for the tier pieces, that is still under consideration.

As for strategy, the Arachnid Quarter is definitely the place to start. Mobs arent too bad at all, we spent most of our time on the bosses. For Anub'Rekhan we had one tank pull him to the wall along the tiny ledge against the wall. The boss is then dps'ed until the Locust Swarm at which point the boss is moved around the ledge for about 16 sec to prevent the tank from taking too much damage. Something to remember for healers is that the locus swarm has a chance to silence you if you're standing too close. After the Locust Swarn an elite Crypt Guard will spawn. The Crypt Guard was tanked by the other tank, but it had to be kept stunned as much as possible, since the person whom the Crypt Guard is attacking will receive an uncleansable debuff that stacks until the the Crypt Guard (or tank) is killed. After the Crypt Guard is killed the boss will periodically spawn non-elite bugs that randomly attack people. They're not terrible, just annoying. It's preferable to have a mage frost nova just as they spawn to prevent them running everywhere. Additionally, there's an Impale which targets a person and spawns an area of spikes doing about 4-6k dmg.

With Grand Widow Faerlina one tank is on her while the other tank attacks three of the 4 adds and LoS them to the back of the room near one of the green pools. The 4th add is attacked by ONE dps until the add is about 15-20% health. ALL other dps is on the boss ONLY. Every 60-80 sec the boss enrages. When that happens the add at 15-20% must be killed in close proximity to the boss. It's best to drag the boss to the add, then move the boss away from the adds, since the adds are primarily casters. After the enrage another add is pulled off the other tank and gotten to 15-20% and the process repeats. (Think small twist on Al'ar fight). Beyond that there's a Rain of Fire to avoid and an AoE poison that hits the nearest 3 people with about 3k dmg and a dispellable poision DoT dealing 1500-1800dmg per 2 sec.

The Maexxna fight is quite intense and frustrating at first. The strategy we'd used was to have the tank face Maexxna away from everyone and have everyone standing behind. It was very helpful here to have a mage near the boss, so that when the tiny non-elite spiders spawn they can be trapped and dps'ed down very fast. Every 40 sec the boss encases everyone in a web that stuns them for 6 sec doing about 2k dmg called Web Spray. Also cast every 40 sec (but offset by 20 sec from the Web Spray) is the Web Wrap, where one person is selected at random and thrown back against the wall and encased in a caccoon with about 6k health. The caccoon needs to be dps'ed down quickly. The tank will have to face alot of nature damage. There's a poison cast periodically that reduces healing received by 90%, must be dispelled immediately. Every 10 sec the boss will hit the tank with 3500-4500 nature damage called Poison Shock. The real trouble to this fight comes when the boss casts Web Spray, then Poison Shock, because there's the physical damage, the nature damage, and the inability to heal the tank. Timing and HoTs are everything. Also possible are Flasks of Petrification and strategic taunts. We opted for the strategic taunt. After Maexxna is at around 33-34% all dps is stopped until he casts another Web Srpay. At that point dps is all out! Maexxna enrages at 30% and the hope is to down him before another Web Spray is cast. If he cannot be dps'ed in time, the other tank can taunt just prior to the Poison Shock (essentially sacrificing him/herself).

Excellent epic pieces were collected along the way!

Since 4 hours is the limit atm, we finished the Arachnid Quarter with 15-20 min to spare so we took a crack at the Plague Quarter. We we'rent able to get through, but that only meant that's where we'll pick up on the next raid!

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