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Post  Kaelik Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:10 am

1. How did you hear about DisturbedOnes
- I walked through Dal and saw the guild tag. That, and Boman may have mentioned something about you during a PuG OS25, dunno...

2. Why do you want to join DisturbedOnes
- For roughly 3 1/2 years I've been raiding. It's what keeps bringing me back to the game every morning. As Boman mentioned you may have a spot for a part time Tank/DPS, I thought I'd give it a go Smile

3. What do you enjoy most about WOW
- I'm hooked on Dailies. Seriously. I'm actually making a 3rd alt to do Dailies on.

4. What goals do you have for your toon(s)
- Hmm, my alts I'm aiming for a respectable gear level, and the 1k Dailies done achiement. For my Paladin, I hope to some day be able to Dual Weild Death Knight Gnomes, who in turn are Dual Weilding Purified Ashbringers. That, or at some point, see/defeat current end game content before it's nerfed to hell and back.

5. Do you know any DisturbedOnes members and if so, who
- Boman, sorta.

5. What is your current level of raiding knowledge and progression
- Original WoW - Farm Status
- tBC: Farm Status
- WotLK: Naxx10/25, EoE10, OS102DU, OS25, U10 11/14 "Mimipoko to P3." and U25 just FL

6. What is the raiding schedule you are able to commit to
- As I told Boman, I'm currently on a "Forced Summer vacation due to the economy" *Read, layoffs* and can make any raid time set, garunteed, for at a minimum of the next 2-3 weeks. After that, the job hunt WILL be in full swing. Though, like I told Boman, I do have a knack of catching Swing shifts, or late evenings so that availability can change, or it may not.

7. What role(s) can you comfortably play in a raid
- I can comfortably play as a Ret pally or Tank. I used to heal in Original WoW, but I've a dismal healing set, so, uh, yeah, just DPS/Tank I guess Very Happy

8. Please describe your personality, as it can play an important role in raiding
- Ehhh, my personality changes a lot depending on what I'm doing. As Ret, I tend to be relaxed, more casual about everything going on around me. Don't worry though, I can still dodge flames, lazers, angry Dwarves, and flying pigs.
When I tank however, I tend to be a little more uptight, probably due to the fear of being point blank range for chaos if I make a mistake.

Other than that, I'm generally a laid back kind of guy that just likes to go crazy over anything Blizzard puts on a store's shelf.

P.S. As Ret, I tend to use my instant flash heal on people that actaully need heals.


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