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Post  Ozmademos Sat May 15, 2010 5:56 pm

This post is intended to help those not familiar with Elemental Shaman mechanics to get a simple overview

52/14/ is the spec

Here's the link: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hEh0qbzutGfzAo0xxco:b

Just cut and paste it. It leaves a few points open for you to choose something extra...
***Note: The Link has Glyphs Already in there for You***

Improved Shields
You shouldnt have huge enough mana issues to need an Improved Water Shield.

Enhancing Totems
Even without the Glyph for it, you'll be putting down Totem of Wrath.

Not hugely important since you'll be casting Flame Shock for its DoT effect, which is significantly longer than the cooldown of Flame Shock itself.

Eye of the Storm
You shouldnt really be taking enough damage for the pushback here, but if you find it being a problem in some way you could spend some extra points here.

Elemental Reach
Generally, distance shouldnt really be much of an issue for a caster, but being able to start casting earlier is always more damage overall!

Improved Shadowform
This is mostly PvP oriented, so dont use up the points here unless you feel it's really necessary to do so.

Elemental Precision
Given there are several talent points left, and hit isnt all over Mail-Intellect gear, maxing this out with all three talents is generally the best choice. If you do happen to achieve the needed hit without it, the feel free to spend the points elsewhere.

Astral Shift
Again, you shouldnt really be the target of direct damage in a raid situation, so this isnt high priority.


Glyph of Flame Shock
This Glyph is very close in utility to Glyph of Flametongue around average gear levels, but supposedly at very high end gear becomes the best Glyph above all others.

Glyph of Totem of Wrath
A free 84 Spell Power for 5 min just for casting Totem of Wrath. Sounds sweet!

Glyph of Lava
Also very popular. Lava Burst does a pretty good chunk of damage, and this Glyph heightens that even moreso.

Glyph of Flametongue Weapon
Elemental Shamans are built mostly out of Spell Power and Haste, so while the crit here is nice, it will diminish in usefulness as your gear gets better and better.

Minor Glyphs
It's really up to you! Typically all Shamans go for the Glyph of Renewed Life and Glyph of Water Walking just to save the reagent. It is highly and strongly recommended that if you intend on using Thunderstorm regularly in a raid that you put the Glyph of Thunderstorm in it. Not for the mana, but because knockbacks are really bad manners in a raid setting (unless cleared with everyone first).


Hit: you'll need 17%, or 446 hit rating (16% with a Draenei). Grabbing all 3 talent points in Elemental Precision brings this down to 14% hit (13% with Draenei), and having a Boomkin or Shadow Priest will drop that to 11% hit, 289 hit rating (10% with Draenei)!

Spell Power: most important stat

Haste: second most important stat. you want your Flame Shock DoT ticking fast, and your Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning going fast too.

Crit: not nearly as good as haste. You'll get plenty of crit from your talents and gear.

Intellect: least important stat. it'll come from gear and stuff. dont go out of your way to stack it.

Armor: Mail (probably with hit, or Spell Power/Haste if hit capped)


Meta: Chaotic (+21 Crit and +3% crit dmg)
Red: Runed (+23 SP) or Veiled (+12 SP and +10 hit) if you're not hit capped
Yellow: Rigid (+20 Hit), Veiled (+12 SP and +10 Hit), or Reckless (+12 SP and +10 Haste) if the socket bonus is a significant amount of SP or Haste. Otherwise, just go for Runed in all slots.
Blue: Royal (+12 SP and +5 Mp5), but really only two to activate the meta. You could use Glowing (+12 SP and +15 Stam) if you feel like you're having a bit of trouble with health, but Glowing wont contribute to more damage like Royal, despite the minimal amount of Mp5 it is; it'll add up over a 5 min.

Priority (but pretty close to a rotation)

1 ) Renew Fire Totem (particularly if you Glyphed for Totem of Wrath)
2 ) Flame Shock (you want the debuff up as much as possible, but dont cast another until the previous has finished)
3 ) Lava Burst
3 ) Chain Lightning (only if you proc Clearcasting from Lava Burst)
4 ) Lightning Bolt

Note: Only reason to use Chain Lightning prior to Lava Burst or not during a Clearcasting would be for multiply targets.

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