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Assassination Rogue DPS (3.3.3) Empty Assassination Rogue DPS (3.3.3)

Post  Ozmademos Mon May 17, 2010 1:36 am

This post is intended to help those not familiar with Assassination Rogue mechanics to get a simple overview

51/18/2 is the spec

Here's the link: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#f0ec0egoVboIuVo0xV0xcZ0b:TI
Just cut and paste it. There are a couple points to add in yourself and a couple that can be moved...

***Note: The Link has Glyphs Already in there for You***

Fleet Footed
When you first look at this talent, it seems like something that can be overlooked... but dont underestimate the 15% movement speed increase. Rogues have no 'gap closer' like other classes; that is, they have no ability that keeps them in constant motion towards a boss, but allows them to get some form of damaging attack (i.e. Pally Judgement, Warrior Charge, etc). Considering you need to get from the raid to the boss while stealthed as quickly as possible to begin dpsing, this talent is just that extra bit of time you get some damage in.

Blood Spatter
Rupture was a staple part of Assassination Rogue dps, but it's not as high a priority for the time being. These points are best used elsewhere.

Relentless Strikes
The extra energy is nice, and this talent is chosen many times to place the remaining 2 points into for Assassination builds. Considering you will be gaining Energy from each Crit, and your increased Energy regeneration from Stealth, this talent is dropped for Opportunity.

It's called a 'Mutilate Spec' more often than 'Assassination Spec' because Mutilate is the major focus. A strong damaging attack that gains you two Combo points instead of just one. This talent makes it 20% stronger yet!


Main-Hand: Instant Poison
Off-Hand: Deadly Poison


Glyph of Rupture
The Glyph doesnt increase the damage, just keeps you from having to apply it as often. Generally popular.

Glyph of Eviscerate
Since you'll be focusing on poisoning your target, the Envenom is generally chosen as the attack to make instead of Eviscerate. Around 2200 Attack Power, Envenom and Eviscerate start getting closer to one another. Beyond that point Envenom starts to win out and continue growing with more and more AP.

Glyph of Fan of Knives
Boosts your AoE damage, so cant go wrong there.

Glyph of Tricks of the Trade
This Glyph is actually somewhat popular, because Assassination tends to be very bursty with its damage especially in the beginning of the fight.

Minor Glyphs
Minor Glyphs dont really contribute directly to damage, so it's your choice!


Hit: you'll need 8%, or 263 hit rating (3% with Precision)

Agility: gives you Attack Power and Crit. generally, the most important stat.

Expertise: it's not anything you need to stack, but will 6.5% cap it, or 214 expertise rating (note, though, that being a human or dwarf and using certain weapons can help you get capped faster).

Armor Pen: this isnt particularly important for Assassination, because you deal alot of damage with poisons and from poisons (both of which ignore armor and scale with Attack Power).

Crit: Next most important stat after Agility and Hit.

Haste: least important stat overall.

Attack Power: you'll get it from Agility mostly. Strength also gives Rogues Attack Power but not Crit, and since the itemized armor for Rogues is Leather with Agility and Attack Power, chances are you wont be stacking Strength or going for Strength-based gear anytime soon Smile

Armor: wear leather Attack Power gear


Meta: Relentless (+21 Agil and +3% crit dmg)
Red: Delicate (+20 Agil)
Yellow: Glinting (+10 Agi and +10 Hit) if you're not hit capped, or Deadly (+10 Agil and +10 Crit) if the socket bonus nets more than 4 Agil. Generally, just use all Red gems regardless of socket bonus.
Blue: Nightmare Tear (obviously you can only get just one, so put it in a good slot!)

Priority (but sort of a rotation)

1 ) Slice and Dice (your Envenom will refresh it automatically, just make sure you apply it immediately if it falls off)
2 ) Rupture (not necessary if someone else is keeping a bleed effect up on the boss)
3 ) Hunger for Blood
4 ) 5x Stacks of Deadly Poison (Shiv can help apply poison if you arent proc'ing often enough)
5 ) Mutilate
6 ) Envenom
Note: You can Vanish periodically to gain the Overkill buff out of stealth again, if you are good at managing such things.

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