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A note on a matter of healthstones

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A note on a matter of healthstones

Post  Telian on Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:10 am

ok so i thought i would bring this up in this side of the forums since i figure we should get a little attention to this section.... but anyway, i am not here to rant although that is prolly what it will turn into, but i will say one thing, if your a lock and raiding and need a constant remeinder to place a soul well down your doing something wronge, but keep in mind that you may not always have the most patient people in your raid, or the brightest, this happens, it is up to you on your own to be patient at these times, and smart at these times, i earlier on our 25 man saturday got a little ahead of myself and may have tormented a certain nameless person, but mind you i do feel as though i was within reason, so anyone who wish to speak against me that is not said nameless person please post i would like to hear your thoughts on this matter, but i am not creating the post as a QQ post about anything, just an explination more upon my reasonings. now as far as reminders go, its as i said, if your in 25 or even 10 man raids you should know your stuff, you should be on point, now i do admit that i am not always this or i might might not be quiet back from a bio break, but i will say that demanding healthstones constantly or demanding SS all the time will get on my nerves and i wouldnt doubt any other locks nerves, so please all who do read this, please keep in mind, that 1. yes, locks know that we have a soulwell and a SS and then we will generally use them constantly unless we are either directed otherwise or are out of shards,2. most of us in the guild are fairly nice, but we all have this lovely thing called a insanity button that if you press it hard enough you just might get some deranged babble that will end in lots off tears on your behalf not ours. and yes i know i am kind of speaking for all of us in this sense but trust me i do believe that if you ask any of our lovely locks in the guild they will tell you that they are at least a little deranged, hey its what we are baby live with it!

Unfortunately none of them are as deranged as yours truely,

with great monkey butters and boman love,


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