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Changes as of March 01, 2009

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Changes as of March 01, 2009

Post  Guardian01 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:25 pm

A major changing come to Group 1 (Nub Crew) is the idea of an 11 person rotation. This idea relativly new in our eyes is where we bring in an eleventh person into the group. This allows for if someone needs to sit out a week we are able to rotate another person in fast and easily.

Another change we are setting is only devoting one raiding day to Naxx. This means we will expect people to pay attention and stick their nose to grindstone. The other day we will split between OS and Malygos.

A plan in the near future will be to work on getting achievements so people do not become bored of raiding repetivaly. By focusing on achievements people will be more imprompted to show up and get work done.

Please leave your comments and thoughts. king

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