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25-Man Raiding Update

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25-Man Raiding Update Empty 25-Man Raiding Update

Post  Boman on Mon May 17, 2010 9:19 am

Hi All,

I apologize for the periodic yet somewhat frequent changes that we end up having to make. I also apologize for not talking to everyone and getting consensus before saying anything. No - I really don't.

So by now you're probably getting frustrated with our 25-man raids. Our having to cancel every Friday due to lack of attendance, and our having some sub-par players in the raid. I must say that overall the skill has continued to rise in the raid, so that is a positive and good to see. I don't want to bring up any of the old debates, wounds, etc... this isn't about the past. This is about what are we going to do to finish up this expansion on a positive note.

I'm not one to give up on things, but my frustration lately is reaching new heights. That means it's time to see what we can do differently. I'll certainly be reviewing with the other raid leaders/officers of both guilds later this week, but here is what I'm thinking:

- TOP PRIORITY: We must recruit more solid raiders to have a full roster
- The calendar invite should be a priviledge (see below)
- Calendar invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start time and THAT'S IT! After that, it's open invites.
- All loot rolls are subject to loot council if there is a BiS debate. This will not impact most items.

Calendar Invites:
- You must be able to show up both days
- You must maintain 75% or higher attendance
- You must meet performance requirements (which will continue to rise)
- You must not be annoying
- Only guarantees you a spot if you are on 15 minutes prior (on your main) and accept the invite
- Being frequently late will remove you from the calendar and switch your status to fill-in
- Will be limited to 25 individuals!

So as a note, if you are on an alt, waiting for the raid to fill, etc... you will not be guaranteed a spot.

If you don't have flasks for all boss fights, if you slack off on the trash because it's boring, if you complain a lot, you will be removed from the calendar and be considered a fill-in.

Let's finish this expansion stronger than we started.



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25-Man Raiding Update Empty Re: 25-Man Raiding Update

Post  Boman on Tue May 18, 2010 8:04 am

I expect to be finalizing a roster this week. If your name is on it, please note the above message. We do have 1 Thursday only raider and possibly 2 Friday only. I will be talking with those people to see if we can work out an arrangement to continue that. One thought is to keep a few guild-open spots for Thursday nights. One or two for DO and SH.

Once again, my goal with all this isn't to be an ass. I've thought a lot about it lately and right now we're doing a disservice to everyone. People come to raid, progress, and hopefully get some upgrades. They don't come on Friday nights for constant cancellations or having to pug 5-8 people, start 30 minutes late, and lose loot to those that we'll never see again.

So we need to fix this - and we need to fix it now. Otherwise why continue. So I am doing my best at this time to do something about it. You may not agree with everything I try to do, but hopefully you at least understand why.

If you end up being one of the people left out, I do apologize. But everyone should know the expectations by now. If for some reason you missed it, everyone should know based on their gear how they should be performing. And I believe most people are doing it.

It's also unfair all the standing around everyone has to do waiting for people. If you haven't given advanced notice because an emergency came up, do you deserve it?

The 20% buff is only a week away if previous conventions hold true. By that time I plan to have this reorganization complete and new recruitment done if needed.



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25-Man Raiding Update Empty Re: 25-Man Raiding Update

Post  Grymgroeth on Tue May 18, 2010 8:19 pm

Looks good to me man. Was a time I would call a raid if there weren't enough people online 15 minutes before time, of course that's back when I was pulling at the posted time and if you were late, you got left behind. If it makes you feel any better, my 10 man isn't doing any better Sad


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25-Man Raiding Update Empty Re: 25-Man Raiding Update

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