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Post  Nezrathii on Mon Jul 13, 2009 1:14 am

Alrighty all great job everyone and thanks for coming the last two weeks just a couple of things to go over

First: From now on I will be limiting epics to 4 a run unless noone else wants. other than that it is still free rolls

Next: Unfortunately I have some horrible weeks coming up- I might not be able to get on at all this coming week because I am driving through jasper and banff to take my gf on a sightseeing trip before we leave Canada- hopefully we will be back home by sunday but its possible I won't be back in time- also possible that there will be internet in the hotels we'll be staying in so might be able to be on but we leave tuesday morning and don't get back till sunday- after that I will be going to California to visit her family for 10 days again i may be able to be on for tuesday/thursday but friday and saturday and sunday will be out cause we're visiting their lake house which has no internet from the 23rd or so till august 1st which is when i'll finally be heading home to virginia where i have to find an apartment and get everything set up cause gf's parents aren't going to india after all =/ fun stuff anyway later all!


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Post  Nezrathii on Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:22 am

After some consideration due to the amount of people having to leave around 8 server I have decided to make our sunday naxx run's only 4-8 server instead of 4-9

while this means it will be more difficult to do a full clear of naxx it also means there should be less of people having to leave- depending on how this goes the next week I may extend that to 8:30 server as on our best day we were able to full clear in only slightly over 4 1/2 hours


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