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Average DPS and why Ozmademos judges you on it! ^_^

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Average DPS and why Ozmademos judges you on it! ^_^

Post  Ozmademos on Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:31 pm

Hi there,

I wanted to give people a heads up on what exactly I look at (and subsequently discuss with others) from the damage meters to determine whether or not our raid has a good enough chance at downing a particular Boss.

I do use recount, but I do not care about it's "DPS" measurement. And, here's why... The DPS measure on recount only calculates instantaneous damage over a 3 sec interveral. What's wrong with that? Someone could get three crits in a row, die, and not dps anymore for the boss encounter and still top the DPS meter at 15k or something ridiculous like that. Also, the DPS in Recount is skewed toward the end of a fight where you gain additional high dmg finishing abilities like Hammer of Wrath or Execute. Essentially, it will always look like a person is doing alot more damage then they actually do for 80% of the fight.

Damage done is what kills the boss.

Instead, I measure the total damage output for raiders and divide it into the total time for the encounter. This give an average/overall DPS that a player is capable of and takes into account all the stuff like switching to adds or running to get in range. Everyone's average DPS will be lower than their instantaneous DPS, so no one should freak out when I post that a raider's average DPS is like 4k and recount says you're doing 10k. It just means that you're spending time moving around more which is an unfortunate part of certain classes.


The point is that I wanted to give you some numbers just to let us know how things are going thus far for our 10mans and 25mans.


The Necessary Damage will be higher than the Boss's health many times because of adds or the Twin's health shield.
Bear in mind that most of this information comes directly from a particular raid or is reasonably approximated. Note, however, that the average DPS differences are not all that significant between 10 and 25man encounters which is another reason why I like using average DPS over instantaneous DPS.

Overall though, as usual, we kick ass.

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Re: Average DPS and why Ozmademos judges you on it! ^_^

Post  Ozmademos on Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:33 pm

Oh yeah... the other reason I wanted to give everyone this is because on Thursday (27th Nov) our average dps for Anub25 was between 2000-2100, which (see Table above) meant that we were WAY behind in dmg for the encounter.

All calculations are based on 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 6 dps for 10mans; 3 tanks, 6 healers, 16 dps for 25mans. Tanks are merged into dps.

Also Note: the 10man numbers arent calculated from the enrage timer like a few of the 25man, because we never reach the enrage. So, the 25man numbers for Anub are actually the minimal amount of average dps just to kill the boss at the point he enrages (more DoTs!).

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