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DisturbedOnes hits Top 10 Server Ranking!!

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DisturbedOnes hits Top 10 Server Ranking!!

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:24 pm

Due to the hard work of both Groups 1 and 2 and also our guild members who joined us for our 25 man runs, DisturbedOnes has reached on of our milestones pretty early on. We have gained Top 10 ranking on Cenarion Circle for all guilds. On the Alliance side we are ranked 8th. With a top 3k ranking for the US servers.

This accomplishment is our herald to the other guilds on the server that, DisturbedOnes means serious business and sets us up as an established Raiding Guild. We achieved this by clearing both Normal and Heroic Versions of Obsidian Sanctum and 2 Wings in Heroic Naxxaramas. Our 10 man groups have been doing well also in 10 man Naxxaramas with Group 2 leading the charge, clearing the Spider,Plague and Millitary Wings along with Patchwerk and Grobbulus in the Construct Wing. Not to be outdone Group 1 is just one boss behind Group 2 having killed Patchwerk.

As we continue to raid weekly, we can see new members joining us and getting more groups doing 10 man Naxxaramas and Obsidian Sanctum. With more guild members getting geared, we will soon be reaching top 5 ranking on the server, at least that's the view of this humble Mage.

Hopefully by the end of this Raiding Week, we should be able to keep our top 10 ranking or even progress further, clearing Naxxaramas and doing Eye of Eternity which will put us closer to the top. A Job Well done to all the guild members and hopefully we can continue progressing at the rate we are and cement our spot as a top raiding guild on Cenarion Circle


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